Sheryl Co – Makeup Artist/Realtor

If you have naturally curly lashes or don’t really care about lash curl, I think this is a very good mascara. It delivers big, bold, lush lashes, and I like how dramatic my lashes look when I’m wearing it. I just don’t think I’d ever get into a fistfight to defend its honor on account of its issues with curl hold.





Haiza Madrid – Model/Businesswoman

I’ve tried several brands of the fiber-type mascaras. This is the only one that really works for me – gives me very long, full looking lashes, doesn’t flake off all over my face and most importantly, doesn’t leave my eyes feeling like I’ve stuck tiny needles into them like some kind of medieval torture routine. If you’ve not used this type of mascara system, it’s a bit tricky at first & I think people get frustrated. You must follow the directions to the letter or you will be disappointed, worse yet you probably will feel like someone’s got tiny needles in your eyeballs. Per the instructions, do one eye at a time. This is essential because you apply the Collagen transplanting gel then quickly apply the fibers while the gel is still wet, then apply the gel again to seal in the fibers. The sequence is A B A – gel-fibers-gel. You can repeat these steps as often as you wish to get the desired effect. I find 1 total coat of the system gives me the look I want.





Joana C – Model

I have never used Vnc 4D Fiber mascara before this, but it is fun! I was amazed at the difference. This product produced dramatic results. When I applied the fibers, I got a few clumps, but was able to fix that no problem. I love that this came in a nice hard- shelled case. I lose a lot of items and would hate to lose one of the set. The case keeps them together and fits nicely in my purse. Love it!





Sara Polverini – Makeup Artist/Model

This mascara made my eyes pop! I’m not super girly. I normally like to brighten up the lashes I have and call it a day. But, this product actually made me say “wow” after I put it on. I wasn’t really sure how it worked- so I looked at the directions on the website to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to. The mascara comes in a nice black case. In fact, I was amazed at how pretty the packaging was! Would make an excellent gift, too!





Maria M. –Model/fashion designer

I have medium length eyelashes. Nothing spectacular. This Vnc fiber mascara made my eyelashes so thick and long. I have seen many different types of this mascara but this one actually works and doesn’t look like a blobby mess. Very nice dark color and went on smoothly. I love the look it gives my eyes.





Nancy – Businesswoman/Beauty Consultant

I tell you this VnC mascara is amazing. I wore it while grocery shopping and got a compliment and stares. This girl maybe in her early teens and came up to me ask me was i fake lashes. I told her no i am wearing mascara that’s all I told her. She told me that my lashes look flawless. I even suggested the VnC 3d mascara to her.





Sheila – Flight Attendant

I own a lot of mascara and this one its among the best, it makes my lashes longer and beautiful. it also comes in a great case. This will make a girl very happy if you decide to give it as a gift. Works much better than other fiber lash mascaras! Takes a little practice to get it right, but looks amazing!





Brandy –Medical Esthetician / New Jersey USA

This was my first time trying VnC 3d fiber mascara and I absolutely love this stuff! It was super easy to apply and looked great on! I probably won’t use it everyday but it’s great for special occasions or date night! Also, I didn’t have any issues with it coming off or smudging like some mascaras do. Overall, great product!





Miriam – Model

Where has this been all my life?! This mascara is easy to use and makes you lash long and thick. Be prepared to get many compliments on your beautiful eyes. I also like that this products last all day and do not have to apply additional coats.





Ted – Sri Lanka

I purchased this product for my wife as she’s always complaining about her thin lashes. She used it as soon as it arrived and she loves it. Applying was fast and easy and her lashes were noticeably fuller and longer. She’s been using it every day and says that it lasts all day but removes easily with her facial cleanser. I’ll definitely order more before she runs out.





Celeste/ Fashion Designer of Canada

Water- Based & smudge proof is an under statement. This mascara borders on being too hard to remove…even with oil cleanser. BUT it is FANTASTIC! Doesn’t clump or smudge. Lifts, curls, and lengthens. Love the fact that I can put on multiple coats and I don’t look like I have spider legs on my eyes. I’m a contact wearer with sensitive eyes and I have had zero problems with this mascara. I love VnC Fiber Mascara and this is another awesome product.





Mae – Student

I have been looking for a mascara that gives me a full and long-lasting look, and this VnC 4d mascara does that exact thing! Also I’d like to mention it does not leave clumps on my lashes. This is a great Mascara! It makes my short eyelashes look great and longer. I have started using it every day because I love the way it makes my eyes look!




Angela – Model

If you’re looking for an easy and temporary way to get flirty lashes, why not try some of these best VNC fiber mascaras. VNC mascara is a simple way to get fuller and longer lashes in a matter of seconds minus the big eyelash extension bill or the fuss of using falsies.





Michelle – Beauty Consultant

You can instantly lengthen lashes with the swipe of the wand and it washes off easily too! You can use this every day or for special occasions where you really want your eyes to take center stage! You can use this every day or for special occasions where you really want your eyes to take center stage!